The Salon Whisperer


The Salon Whisperer

The Salon Whisperer Ebook is everything you should know about your salon numbers but nobody is telling you…until now!


The Salon Whisperer

Finally, a resource that every salon owner can refer to, over and over again.

A comprehensive guide to EVERY number in your business that you should be tracking and measuring. Even better, you will discover benchmarks and be able to interpret your business’s unique numbers to discover where you are doing exceptionally well and where you can improve to bring you in higher revenue.

If you have ever struggled with cash flow, understanding the importance of retention numbers, calculating your staff productivity levels, calculating bonuses, KPI’s, Client Lifetime Values and so many other numbers that when combined, reveal the true story of your business……your search is finally over. You will discover over twenty key numbers that will give you control and insight into your business.

You will find yourself referring to this guide many times over and you will find yourself having “ah-ha” moments when you finally master how to read and interpret your numbers.

The best part, however, is now you have the tools to grow and improve your revenue.

Your investment in this guide will be returned to you tenfold!

The ebook will be accessible to you to download immediately to your phone or computer.

So what are you waiting for, it’s time to uncover the story of your Salon, Spa or Clinics numbers today!


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