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You can choose from many different products offered by Bambi.

Bambi Coker receives many glowing reviews of her work with Beauty Salon Owners & Wellness Industry Owners.

Staffing Course

A comprehensive online tutorial consisting of twelve modules with bonuses. Including how to find staff, interview, assess, train and retain.

The Salon Whisperer Ebook

Discover everything you should know about your salon numbers but nobody is telling you, until now!

Solutions Membership

Solutions Membership

The Solutions Membership is an online library with other 80 modules to choose from and work at your own pace.

Staffing Course

As a former salon business owner myself, I have produced these products to specifically target the Beauty Industry. 

Staff can be one of the hardest aspects of running a successful business and rather than always putting fires out, this course will support you in attracting and keeping the right staff.

It’s one thing to start up a business but without the business knowledge to know which numbers are important and more over, what is the story behind those numbers. If your numbers are not all performing the right way, if you are not tracking and measuring, you cannot possibly begin to see with clarity what needs attention in your business. This guide will outline what numbers are important and why!

The solutions membership is a culmination of over two years of knowledge consolidated into over 80 training modules. Each training module then contains a variety of downloadable workbooks, guides, videos, and more to support you and expand your business knowledge. You will find topics from setting KPI’s to marketing campaigns and so much more in between. This is a giant library which supports you and trains you in your own time, taking your knowledge from good to epic!

I have had salon owners complete this online library and increase their turnover by over 200% with just one simple tweak. You can make massive improvements quickly when you know where to look and what to do.

The Solutions Membership is overflowing with knowledge. The Vault is another hidden cavern of knowledge, showing you how to use LinkedIn to your advantage, chat bots and the latest technology. You choose how much you want to learn, learn a little or a lot, it’s in your control.


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