Working with me can be done in a variety of ways, the most popular by far is the combination package of a business coach and business manager.

The most popular service I offer that clients enjoy the most is my Bronze Package.

This gives business owners the best of both worlds. You receive a monthly business coaching session covering a two hour block of time. If you are a local business, I visit you which enables me to get a much better “feel” for your business and the operation side.

During this coaching session we will look at systems, client retention, income, cashflow, marketing and strategise and forward plan to grow the business.

If you need a website make over, a new look and feel, your social media platforms managed behind the scenes, marketing material designed, that is just some of the tasks that I will complete on your behalf. That is the business management that I will oversee to free your time to do what you do best.

There are so many aspects to getting your business seen that you may not have even considered, that’s OK, I will check and ensure everything is done, up to date and fresh going forward.

The tasks that you can handball to me are endless, it’s just a matter of what budget you have to invest in your business. Together we get the job done!s

Business Managements tasks could be:

  • maintaining and updating your website;
  • SEO your website;
  • create and design beautiful forms & templates;
  • design all your social media platform posts;
  • schedule daily social media posts;
  • design and produce video marketing;
  • create Blog posts;
  • update your CRM;
  • create, design & distribute Newsletters;
  • basic accounting tasks;
  • creating autoresponder email series;
  • creating and monitoring your eCommerce store;
  • designing marketing materials and print runs;
  • creating Manuals, Procedures & Protocols;
  • designing business Apps;
  • Facebook sponsored ads;
  • tracking, measuring and reporting on your numbers;
  • brainstorming marketing campaigns;
  • and so much more, you think it, I can do it!

Business Coaching & Business Management Packages


  • 2.5 hours of business coaching;
  • up to 25 hours of business management tasks;
instalments of 700 per week


  • 2 hours of business coaching;
  • up to 12 hours of business management tasks;
instalments of 350 per week


  • 2 hours of business coaching;
  • up to 6 hours of business management tasks;
instalments of 200 per week

Stand Alone Projects

Social Media

Outsource your social media marketing, design and scheduling to various platforms.

Web development

Need a WordPress or Wix website designed from new or a make over. Ongoing management.


Marketing can include social media, flyers, newsletters, menu’s, branding, logo’s and more. 


One on one business coaching sessions. Choose a plan to suit your investment budget.


Systems are the back bone of a business. Set up your procedures and protocols.


If you need a strategy for going forward let’s brainstorm that together. I have so many ideas and I love sharing!

If you cannot see a package that fits with your vision of the support you need, then let’s discuss that. I can very easily put together a bespoke package to suit your needs.
The distinct difference you will find with my packages that are not offered by other Business Coaches are that rather than just telling a client you need to do this, that and the other for your business, I will conduct those tasks for you on your behalf. That frees your time up to be doing what your zone of genius is, whether that is working one on one with your clients or something else, you now have the choice.

What Can I Do for You?

If you know that your business could be doing so much better, but you just don’t know exactly what that looks like, a quick chat with Bambi can clear the fog.

In just one phone call I can offer clarity and clear vision.

When you are working in your business and you are giving all your energy to servicing your clients, because let’s face it, that’s what you are excellent at, it can be easy to loose sight of the key factors that run in the background to keep your business functioning at a high level. I bring that insight and clarity that business owners loose sight of.

You manage a team and you feel you have lost control.

Gosh we’ve all been there! I’m included in that too. This is why I spent six months doing research on every aspect of attracting the right team members, onboarding them and most importantly, retaining them for many years to come. I have all the tools you need to problem solve, improve and nurture your team.

Administration tasks are all gobbledygook to you.

If your business isn’t set up with procedures, protocols and systems in place, then you are missing a huge important piece of business structure. If you don’t know what you don’t know, great, that’s my role to show you what pieces are missing and which pieces will make your business run like a well oiled machine.

Need Advice?

Of course you do, we all do at some stage in business. It’s not a sign of failure, if anything it’s a sign of a business entrepreneur who know there is always more to learn and you are open to that. I would love the opportunity to speak with you.

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