We deeply value and appreciate the reviews we receive from our clients. Each testimonial serves as a testament to the quality of our products/services and the satisfaction of our valued clientele. These testimonials not only validate our efforts but also provide invaluable feedback that helps us continuously improve and evolve. We take great pride in the trust and confidence our clients place in us, and we are committed to exceeding their expectations with every interaction. Thank you for your support and for being an essential part of our journey.

Went Above & Beyond!

I recently had the pleasure of working with Bambi & Bree for my social media marketing, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. From the very start, their team demonstrated exceptional professionalism and expertise. They didn’t just stick to the initial scope of work; they went above and beyond by helping me with some website and SEO issues as well.

Their recommendations were insightful and tailored to my business needs, providing practical steps that I could implement immediately. Their proactive approach and dedication truly set them apart. Thanks to them, my social media presence has significantly improved, and my website’s performance after recommendations and the issues they fixed that my previous company were unable to fix is better than ever. I highly recommend their services to anyone looking to elevate their online marketing, SEO and website efforts!

Ceecees Beauty & Training

Carole Charles

Over Delivered

I chose Bambi to move my hosting and to rebuild my website. I can say without a doubt that it was the best decision! The whole process was seamless. I love my website, and Bambi is always so helpful. She over-delivered and the work was done quickly and efficiently. I have recommended her to my business friends and anyone looking for her expertise. Thanks so much Bambi!
Meraki Healing

Attention to Detail

I have nothing but the highest regard for Bambi and her company!!! She took me on when I was left high and dry by a web developer who left me with no website! Without a second thought, Bambi took me on and created the most amazing site I could ever have imagined. She is diligent and her attention to detail is fantastic! Nothing is a problem for her, and no job or query is too small or big for her to address. Most importantly, her PROMPTNESS in responding to phone calls, text messages or emails is second to none!!! I’m eternally grateful that I came across her when I did and I would highly recommend her (and have done so to many people) to anyone looking for an extremely competent and highly knowledgeable web designer. Thank you Bambi!!!
Azzure Holistic

Brought My Vision To Life

Absolutely thrilled with the website I got built by this incredible lady! The process was seamless, and the attention to detail was beyond impressive. Bambi truly listened to my vision and turned it into a reality. As someone in their late 50s, I wasn’t the most tech-savvy, but they patiently guided me through the entire journey.

The website they created is not just visually stunning but also user-friendly, making it a breeze for my clients to navigate. Her professionalism, expertise, and commitment to delivering excellence have earned her a well-deserved 5-star rating from me.

I highly recommend Bambi for anyone seeking a top-notch website with a personal touch. Thank you for making this process enjoyable and for exceeding my expectations! Looking forward to future collaborations.
Leigh Barry
I was in desperate need of techno support to bring my business to life, especially a website, but to be honest the whole thing was daunting to me. 
It wasn’t until I met Bambi and heard through the grapevine just how savvy, professional and easy she was to work with, that I knew I could finally take this necessary step I’d be resisting. 

From the minute I said yes to working with Bambi, no sooner had she identified all the gaps and missing links in my business, she also sent me a concise step-by-step list of what I needed and started implementing these things straight away. It was amazing! 

 I was blown away and still am by how well Bambi could tune into what my business stood for and chose images, colours, and words and even created a beautiful new business logo that matched my small business to a tee! 

Bambi made an overwhelming process easy, by guiding me with each step. 
And sending regular updates with easy-to-follow videos to understand exactly what I needed to know as each stage of my website came to life. 

I am over the moon with my new business FB page, incredible new logo, beautiful website, booking platform and all the personal touches she brought into it all.

Thank you Bambi for making my marketing dreams a reality. For delivering such an exciting, lovely experience. 
 I could not be happier! 
 I look forward to continuing working with you throughout my business journey. 
Relationship Coach
I regard myself as a very lucky individual, having ‘’found’’ Bambi by luck, and have not looked back
since! The style and content of the multitude of online websites almost defy description but as we all know, when you find a good one that both clearly, simply and effectively describes the service and or product advertised, it makes the impression on you that the owner is after.
There are 3 essential aspects of a successful made-to-order website. The design, the construction and the maintenance. If you don’t have all 3 you have a fail.

Bambi’s capacity to see behind what you the professional are trying to achieve has been crafted over many years, and her ability to simplify those concepts to get the point across to your potential clients is second to none.

What follows of course is the need to renew and revitalize your website on a regular basis as the product(s) or service(s) you are selling, reflect changes to the product in the market and or changes in your services. Bambi excels in translating those changes, even if subtle, to the public face of your business. She explains in simple terms, why she suggests the changes she recommends and will seek both your understanding and agreement to them before they’re implemented.

I can highly recommend Bambi as both my web designer and my business coach and would be more than happy to discuss Bambi’s valuable ongoing input to my business with anybody interested.
Inya Cosmetic Skin Clinic
I am delighted with my new website, a huge thanks to Bambi for going above and beyond to get it up and running in a timely manner. Bambi came up with so many brilliant suggestions which I hadn’t thought of before.

She really optimised the website and the customer’s experience while engaging with my business online. During the build process, Bambi was readily available to discuss ideas and address any concerns.

I am also pleased that she provides ongoing website maintenance to ensure everything is running as smoothly as it should behind the scenes. Thanks a million for all your hard work!
Lisa Millington
We contacted Bambi on a recommendation to set up a new E-commerce website for our business. Within weeks we had a brand new website completely on-brand and with SEO in place. Bambi also ensured that all the Google Analytics, Google Search Console and SEO were connected and this helps us to monitor where our traffic is coming from. Bambi has also gone on to build backlinks and improve our domain authority along with increasing the keywords we now rank for. We don’t have to worry about the management of the website as Bambi looks after everything for us. Bambi is always suggesting upgrades and additions to our website to improve the customer experience and it is paying off in sales. We highly recommend Bambi as she looks after everything, domain acquisition, website hosting, business emails and ongoing management.
Alternative Distribution
Bambi is someone whom I recommend to everyone! I had paid good money for my website to be updated and easy for me to control but every time I went to edit something it just didn’t work it was very frustrating. I asked Bambi to have a look and what she found was a huge box of tangled coat hangers.
Her dedication to undoing the tangled mess in the dashboard was inspiring. She was determined to complete, what ended up being a devilish job, with a smile and a well-functioning website and she succeeded well beyond my expectations. Her attention to detail and her communication are exemplary.
Bambi is the most professional and reliable person. She has a knack for knowing exactly what you need for your website and delivers results that are just perfect.
Her expertise and knowledge extend beyond creating amazing websites with app development, social media creation and support, ongoing email and business campaigns and more. All were delivered in her calm and caring way and always with a smile.
I’d highly recommend Bambi Coker for all your business technology requirements.
Joy Fairhall
Coach & Reiki Master
Thank goodness we got in touch with Bambi Coker. Our previous Website people were slow, used outdated techniques and they were overpriced. We sought help and two weeks after contacting Bambi our new website was hosted and up and running. Thanks to Bambi using the latest tools, we can make changes so quickly and easily that it’s awesome. Bambi is so good to work with and her suggestions are spot on. Highly recommended. Thanks, Bambi for rescuing us.
Andrew Coster
Bambi had my business covered from the first time we spoke. She listens to your needs intently and has multitudes of solutions and answers. I loved that visited my salon to get a full understanding of my business. Bambi always worked more than I asked and exceeded all my expectations. I have worked with other coaches before and Bambi was definitely well above the others.
I am looking forward to working with Bambi again in the future. I wouldn’t trust anyone else.
Bambi gets my highest recommendation as a business coach and mentor. After launching my second project this year, I found I really needed help in other areas. Her ability to share and explain smart business ideas, advertising and marketing concepts, revolutionized my thinking and most importantly my actions. Along the way, there have been some surprising (and sometimes painful) personal realizations but Bambi’s mentoring encourages me to become a better person in business. Bambi did not hesitate to tactfully, but directly point out areas that needed to be considered a different way. It is a breath of fresh air when she states her observations, opinions and suggestions. The exciting part is taking action. Then seeing how all our hard work is rewarded. Bambi is professional and courteous at all times. With someone like her in your corner, you are bound to make big changes.
Maria McGuire
Bambi has been a very supportive business coach and I would definitely recommend her. She has a wealth of knowledge and has actually experienced almost all the issues we go through in her own business at some time and therefore is in a good position to support and give great ideas and solutions to our problems.
Julie Mills
Salon Director
Bambi at Salon Business Coaching has been amazing. Her book The Salon Whisperer is fantastic and her online coaching course is fantastic. Would highly recommend her.
Leanne Sujevic
Business Owner
Thank you, Bambi, you took the time yesterday to give me a call listen to my problem and gave me direction I so appreciate it.
Amanda Marsilio
Salon Director
Bambi is a genius at her work. she has been able to fix an ongoing problem on my website in a few hours! I recommend her to everyone! The best part about her is her genuine heart and a brain to match!
Marilou Coombe
Child Mentor/Coach
Bambi has been amazing in helping me grow my business over the last few years. I am so grateful to have her experience and knowledge and definitely recommend Bambi to any salon owner.
Lucy L’Ren
Salon Director
Bambi is someone whom I recommend to everyone! I had paid good money for my website to be updated and easy for me to control but every time I went to edit something it just didn’t work it was very frustrating. I asked Bambi to have a look and what she found was a huge box of tangled coat hangers.
Her dedication to undoing the tangled mess in the dashboard was inspiring. She was determined to complete, what ended up being a devilish job, with a smile and a well-functioning website and she succeeded well beyond my expectations. Her attention to detail and her communication are exemplary.
Joy Fairhall
Wellness Practitioner
I have worked in the Beauty Industry for more than 20 years and during that time have seen many changes in the beauty therapy profession and the services and products available. I must admit I was floundering with the prospect of these changes plus trying to break even in what has become an ever-increasing competitive industry. I really needed a Business Coach who understands my business! I have found the support, encouragement and advice from Bambi have been exceptional. I love the monthly personal consults I have with Bambi. All of the advice Bambi provides is relevant because she knows the Beauty Business! I am extremely grateful to Bambi for steering me on the right track and look forward to achieving our goals in 2016!
Christine McCauley
Salon Director
Our coaching sessions have been very helpful with easy-to-implement ideas. Bambi is a good listener and she thoroughly researched my business to understand quickly what I was trying to achieve. Bambi has also helped me outside the coaching session if I had any further queries. I highly recommend Bambi as a great Business Coach.
Vicki Williamson
Salon Director
As a new business owner of a Beauty salon and new to the industry, Bambi has been an absolute blessing for not only my business but for my sanity too. As Bambi has had her own business in this industry, she knows her stuff. She delivers an amazing amount of information, ideas, and solutions on all aspects of running my business, from staff training and how to speak to our clients, promotions, and Facebook to even rebranding our clinic! She is enthusiastic and genuinely excited about driving my business forward, always giving 110% in everything she does, she is an absolute pleasure to work with. I know I wouldn’t be where I am right now, if not for Bambi, and all the work she has put in, going above and beyond her job description on many occasions. So If you’re looking to grow your business and have someone guide you in the right direction, I highly recommend Bambi from Salon Business Coaching.
Donna Burke
Salon Director
Every business coaching session I have had with Bambi has significantly improved my business, results are instant and proliferative. Before each session, I was required to fill out a Q & A form to send back for Bambi’s consideration. This is great because as soon as our session began she was armed with professional advice and guidance in the areas I needed and the areas I hadn’t realised I needed. No time was wasted, and no words were without value. Each session was then followed by a written overview from Bambi detailing all the discussed points and any relative attachments or links. Also helpful since so much is covered within the set time frame. Bambi is consistently sharp, friendly, professional, and knowledgeable; I recommend her professional coaching services to any salon/clinic business owner. In fact, I think EVERY salon owner should seek her services. Many thanks
Talina Johnson
Clinic Founder
I reached out to Bambi in 2016 initially to assist me with marketing and social media but quickly discovered that she offered so much more than that. The beauty of Bambi is that she is able to help you and your business from all angles. Having been a salon owner herself she is able to relate to me and the struggles associated with owning a business. In the few months I have been working with Bambi she has been able to assist in rental negotiations, time management, building better relationships with my staff and subcontractors, development of my new treatment menu and website and the list goes on. Bambi’s approach to me and my business is calm, clear and concise. She is highly likeable and very professional. I look forward to my monthly chats with Bambi and can’t wait to see what we do in 2017.
Belinda Merlino
Clinic Director
This wonderful woman went above and beyond in coaching me through some very difficult months at the beginning of the year. If any of my beauty biz friends are looking for a coach or mentor, the lovely Bambi is your lady! I cannot recommend her more highly.
Kasi Coxhell